What's better than fresh produce?  NOTHING! We have on site pick up available for our local customers. Come get personal with your food!


                       Pick up days: Every Saturday from 10:30am-1pm.

                                    Weekly scheduling is available.

                            Must place an order to insure availability.

      To place an order please contact us at southernbayfarm@gmail.com or you can contact us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/southernbayfarm

If you would like to include a lotion order or milk order please let us know 72 Hours ahead of time.  





DID YOU KNOW... the average supermarket egg, whether it's pasture-raised, organic, cage free, it is generally 45 days old ( sometimes older) by the time is lands in someone's shopping cart. Let's learn about our eggs at Southern Bay Farm.


  • Our chickens are free range ( Meaning they roam freely during the day)
  • They make for healthier eggs & meat!
  • Our eggs have more natural omega3 - fatty acids, less saturated fat, more vitamin A,E,& D, and more bets carotene. 

Our eggs are also collected daily & our customers have fresh eggs. You will NEVER receive 3-4 week old eggs from us! 


Now, that's something to CHIRP about! 




 Interested in Purchasing a Goat kid from us? We Generally breed twice a year. Goat breeds on our farm include: 



~Nigerian Dwarf

~Mini Alpine

~Mini Nubian


~Mini Lamancha

To Purchase a goat kid, feel free to contact us and we will get you all set up.