About the Program

Did you know it roughly cost $3-$4 a day per goat just 
for feed such as hay, grain, and herbal cookies? This
doesn't include labor cost, equipment, chemicals
for cleaning, or those "what if" moments that
occasionally happen on a farm in the middle of the country. 
We have a herd of over 30...
The sponsor a Goat Program is a way for people to directly support our herd of goats and help offset some the expenses with having so many 
animals on the property. 


for considering becoming a Goat Sponsor! We honestly Couldn't 

do it without you and are truly grateful for your support and donations to our dairy

goat herd. 

To simplify the process, we've hand selected 5 of our top does to choose from for sponsorship. Choose the goat of your choice!




- Welcome card with Photo and Bio of your sponsored 


- Southern Bay Farm Logo Tee

- 3 hand selected soaps (grab bag style)

-Quarterly and in-the-moment email updates on your sponsored goat and happenings at the farm (kidding season, breeding season, walks through the pasture, etc.)

-Exclusive discounts on soaps and other Southern Bay Farm products