Stay Healthy During Covid-19

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Hey Ya'll! Holy cow has it been awhile since I posted! It's been a scary time for everyone during this pandemic. I hope everyone has stayed healthy and has continued practicing CDC guidelines. 


We as same as you have seen first Hand how businesses and farmers especially have been affected by this. Just a little reminder, to shop local. Order from your local farmers. How can you do that? Check out the crop farms around you and enjoy some picking! Not to mention you get a LOT of fruit for your buck! 

Many farmers or the backyard farmer usually have eggs on hand. Farm fresh eggs are the way to go! You're also supporting someone who may need the extra cash to pay for the feed of their chickens. 


Don't forget your cattle farmer! You, a family member, a neighbor can purchase a steer! Not only is it fresh and healthier beef but, your contributing jobs to the farmer and the butchery! Everyone is always looking for another way to get healthy. Here's your chance to get personal with your food! 


If you're local, don't forget we at Southern Bay Farm also sell products such as eggs, & goat milk! 


Let's continue shopping local and supporting the REAL source our food comes from. 




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