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I'm Jennifer owner and farmer of all products here at Southern Bay Farm. My husband and I started a small backyard family farm in 2018. We didn't think much of anything but to maybe breed animals for a living. It wasn't until we had our first goat birth on the farm that I researched the pro's and con's of goat milk. What caught my attention was that goat milk does wonders with healing eczema and dry skin. Im a momma of four and my children have eczema so, I purchased goat soap from a complete different company. My children used this soap for about six months. It not only healed their eczema but is also helped prevent it from flaring up. That's when my obsession with using goat milk in EVERYTHING started. If your looking for 100% organic, non-chemical, no unnecessary add-ins, you have landed on the right page! As a mama, It was extremely important to me to find products that just got the job done with no other chemicals that don't belong. Homemade, fresh, organic products is what we are all about! 


I can go on and on with all the benefits of goat milk, but I won't do that on this page. If you would like to continue learning about the benefits of goat milk head on over to the benefits page! 

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