Our Story

Hi Ya'll & Welcome to the herd! My name is Jennifer, Founder of Southern Bay Farm. I've always had a passion for animals. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of owning a horse and having land. Needless to say the horse in real life has plenty of goat pals. It wasn't till our first pregnant goat "Lola" gave birth and milking high quality milk became a thing for me - then turned into a family run business - raising, breeding, milking high quality dairy goats into skin goods for not only our family but to your skin routine as well! Running a farm and making farm fresh natural products are now a passion of mine! Sharing and educating our children and now all of the new pretty faces we meet is my truest and highest proudest accomplishment. As, our goats have stolen my heart in the process, I've officially became the crazy goat lady.

Jennifer ~ Crazy Goat Lady