• Southern Bay Farm specializes in Goat breeding. Pictured from left to right is Bambi, Carmela, and Nash.
  • Southern Bay farm offers Goat Milk products. Pictured is our number one selling product. Goat Milk Lotion. All natural with fresh goat milk.
  • Southern Bay Farm has goat kids available twice a year. Goat breeds range between dairy goat and meat goats. Genetics and color play a big part on our farm.
  • Shower steamers are a HUGE hit! Just like a bath bomb but for your shower! Your shower just got better!
  • Dairy goats are our main focus on our breeding here on the farm. Milk goat breeds we offer are dwarfs, alpine, Nubian, saane, lamancha.
  • Southern Bay Farm offers Registered and unregistered goats. Wether your looking for your next show goat or a companion we have lots of variety to choose from.

Welcome to Southern Bay Farm

Southern Bay Farm Products are ultra rich handcrafted products. Located in Lithia, Florida. Freshly milked each day, providing you with organic fresh goat milk in all of our products. Individually packaged giving you that southern charm.