A new beginning

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Hi ya'll! 

Jennifer here as I will be each and every blog post. I can't believe our farm has a website! Let alone selling products made by our goats! I am starting with just my coconut scented goat milk. I originally made this lotion for Joshua (my son). I shared the process on Instagram and ya'll blew up my DM's! I'm not complaining. I honestly couldn't believe I had so many of ya'll were interested in my lotion! Talk about a shock! 


Thank you for encouraging me to pursue this. I couldn't be more excited to see where this journey will take myself and my amazing herd of goats! 


Many Blessings,


Jennifer Del Rio

  • Momma Delrio on

    Daughter your packaging looks amazing !!!
    Your products smell so delicious lol.
    I will be placing an order because I truly love the products. Specially the new shower streamer . Hey , have I told you lately , that your my favorite daughter.

  • Connie LAURIE on

    I will definitely buy some!!!!

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