Goat Milk Soap Launch!

goat milk soap soap

Hey ya'll! Welcome back! 

It's June! Can ya'll believe it! I hope every single one of you are enjoying your summer! We are definitely enjoying the break of things. Tho, it does not last long! 

June 21st, 2021 we are finally launching our Goat Milk Soap! Sorry for keeping ya'll waiting, but I am just one person running the show over here. I will be launching whatever is left of our spring/summer soaps! Soaps are limited quantity. So, if you have been waiting for this moment do NOT miss it! 

I am already working on fall/winter soap! Buckle up cause iv got some fun and amazing scents coming your way! 


I'm making this blog post short, but ill be back soon! 

Have a goatastic day!