Our New ALPINE Goat!

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Welcome back Ya'll! 


I want to introduce to you our new Alpine goat! Sweat Caroline! We received her last week from a previous customer who unfortunately asked us to take her in with the one they had originally purchased. Pictured is Sweat Caroline (tall one)  and Flower ( the Nigerian dwarf). Sweat Caroline and Flower are two peas in a pod! We started our farm only wanting dwarf goats and never really thought we would have anything bigger... Who was I kidding? I'll take all the goats! && Holy Goat crap can flower win a jumping contest! 


Sweat Caroline is a registared award winning Alpine. She will be attending the Florida State Fair this November with my son Joshua. We couldn't be more excited to see her do her thing in the show ring! 


You can fallow up with sweat Caroline and Joshua over on our youtube channel Southern Bay Farm.



Many Blessings,

Southern Bay Farm 





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